Tuesday, June 23, 2009

T.V reality shows

I have to say I am not big on t.v except what I watch with the girls. But I am sad about the whole jon and Kate thing. I like Kate! I think jon is a jerk and anyone who's says "shes crazy run jon run" I think its b.s. Maybe shes a Bitch, well hello did he not know she was a control freak before??? I am sick of it always being the mean woman who hurt the wittle mans ego. Boo freaking who. You know what he acts the way he does because he's a jerk Period. No one knows what goes on at home, maybe he treats her like crap and ignores her and whines about needing his own time and space when she is always with 8 kids!! I only have 3 (unless he counts as one then 4 lol) but I am home with them all day which I love but it's nice when I do get a little break. He never complains about needing his own time. He works hes gone during the day and if it was reversed where I worked and he was home he definitely wouldn't use that as an excuse to go out with woman at 2 am!!!!

Anyway just wanted to vent that out, even on the little episode last night she was sad honestly truly sad about what was happening and his dumb butt is sitting there saying its exciting and a new chapter. Please I hope she gets it all and finds a dude who isn't BALD!!!!

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