Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today is my Shayla's 1st birthday!! She is the sweetest baby on earth and I love her more everyday! She was born in July about 2 months after Kylie first got sick, so it was hard and when she was only 6 weeks old she had to stay with friends in Las Vegas so we could go to Stanford to get Kylie treatment (they don't allow children AT ALL grr)Then the friends couldn't watch her after 2 weeks and I drove half way to Vegas to meet them and drive back to Palo Alto. I got to keep her two days by having Steven sneak her into the hospital at 3am lol but they caught us and I flew her to Boise,Id where my Aunt took great care of her for almost three months. The first time I ever cried in front of my uncle or cousin's was when I had to leave my sweet baby. I was scared we wouldn't have a bond with each other.

The day we got out of the hospital in Oct I picked up Ashlin and we drove to Boise to get our baby Shayla who by then was almost 4 months. She seemed soooo big to me. But we cuddled and bonded and I let her sleep in bed with us for a week. Until Steven said "oh no not this again." (Yep Kylie slept with us until she was about 3 and still tries to come snuggle once in awhile hehe, and Ashlin comes to bed around 11 almost every nite but they are my girls and I love to snuggle)

Now my baby girl is almost walking,talking is one and has 3 teeth and two coming in and I am so proud to be Shayla's mommy!!

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