Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I recently joined swap-bot, an online swapping site. It is pretty neat so far. My sister got me into atc's which i really love its like a scrap book page with out the pressure haha. I already have gotten some really interesting atc's from theswaps I have been in!!
I have put Kylie's site as a link on my swap bot page and its really amazing that people have actually been going on it and reading about her. For the longest time I think I have had a slight depression and I know i definitely have a case of the why me's? no one cares blah blah blues. But having complete strangers tell me "hey I read about your daughter I feel for you" is really cool to me sometimes that's all it takes to make me smile a stranger saying I dont know you but I care.
Anyway thats my sappy minute for the day haha.

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